BTG is a multinational provider of highly specialized process solutions for the global pulp and paper industry

BTG Covid-19 Protocol

BTG is committed to the safety and wellbeing of all its employees. We have worked hard during this time to ensure that, as an essential industry, we are able to continue our work safely. Download the BTG Covid-19 Protocol.

Our mission

BTG is committed to helping clients achieve significant, sustainable gains in business performance.

Our vision

To consistently provide economic gains for our clients beyond the acquisition cost of our products and services.

About BTG

The BTG Group is a multinational provider of integrated, highly specialized process solutions for the global pulp and paper industry. Every day our people help customers achieve sustainable gains in business performance through our application know-how and industry-leading technologies. This includes world-leading rods and beds for film-metering size presses; high-performance ceramic and cermet coating blades; high-performance tissue creping doctors and doctor holders, specialty doctor blades and pulp and paper process control sensors and laboratory instruments. All of these technologies are supported with expert services and application support.

Our advanced integration philosophy combines high-quality instrumentation, detailed and versatile data analytics and our unique, expert applications experience to provide BTG customers with operational advantages that realise new gains in productivity and profitability.

Headquartered in Eclépens, Switzerland, BTG employs more than 580 professionals across the world and operates four manufacturing sites, three research centers and several regional application centers. True to our heritage, we have remained a highly specialized and agile technology provider contributing to the success of thousands of pulp and papermaking operations and other industrial processes all over the world.

The BTG Group is an operating unit of Voith Paper, which is based in Heidenheim, Germany (



Rob Crossman
President BTG Group

Patrick Hitzler

Salma Cassam Chenaï
General Counsel & Ethics Officer BTG Group

Alisha Alder
Human Resources Manager BTG Group

Estelle Meyer
Continuous Improvement & Marketing Manager BTG Group

Dan Smith
Business Director BTG Process Solutions

Joe Haidle
Business Director BTG Solutions

Jerome Michaut
Business Director BTG Duroblade

Jason Myers
Business Director Capstone dataPARC

Joe Haidle
General Manager BTG Americas

Rainer Rauch
General Manager BTG EMEA

Sami Rennes
General Manager BTG China

Keith Waters
General Manager BTG ASPAC


Our story began in 1921 when Dr. Torsten Källe founded the Källe Regulator Company in Säffle, Sweden. Over the course of the next several decades, the company invented, developed and applied a broad range of pulp consistency and processing transmitters, before becoming Eur-Control in the 1960s and merging with coater manufacturer AB Inventing in 1985 to become BTG (Bonnier Technology Group).
The group also become an innovator in the research and development of ceramic high-performance coating blades: BTG received the first patent for these blades in 1983, and metallic technologies and tissue creping blades followed in 1990.

In 2001, BTG acquired Mütek of Herrsching, Germany, incorporating their broad portfolio of in-line and laboratory sensors and analyzers; and the acquisition of IPI LLC in 2006, integrated additional metering technologies for coating color and film-metering size presses.

BTG acquired Capstone Technology Corporation in 2016. Based in Vancouver, WA and Seattle, USA, Capstone is a leading provider of software for process control optimization and decision support analytics across several processing industries.

In 2019, BTG was acquired by Voith, a leader in the Pulp and Paper, opening new opportunities of collaboration and added value for our customers.


At BTG, ethics is a key pillar of our strategy. We aspire to perform with the highest ethical standards.

We are driven by the following values:

  • Innovative
  • Reliable
  • Fair
  • Sustainable
  • Ambitious

These values are embedded accross the organization since 2011, and are fully consistent and aligned with Voith values. The recent addition of Sustainability demonstrates our willingness to operate in a long-term, sustainable mode.

Finally, and in line with our values, all our employees are required to adhere to the Voith Code of Conduct, and our management sets the example.


An active contributor to a better environment
BTG is committed to creating business growth by adding value for its customers while minimizing its environmental impact. Our products monitor and control processes, mainly in the Pulp and Paper industry, helping customers to improve efficiency and minimize their impact on the environment by reducing consumption of raw materials and decreasing waste and energy use. In turn, BTG actively seeks to minimize its impact on the environment by designing products that are more energy-efficient and that avoid the use of harmful substances.

Quality Policy Statement

BTG is committed to helping clients achieve significant, sustainable gains in business performance.

We are dedicated to delivering on-time, defect-free products and world-class services to all our customers. Our team is committed to active and regular communication to ensure we understand and meet or exceed the requirements and expectations of both our internal and external customers. We apply the principles of continuous improvement in our daily work by seeking to constantly optimize the effectiveness and efficiency of our organization and its processes.

At BTG, quality is everyone’s responsibility.

Our Quality Policy is based on the following seven Quality Management principles of ISO 9000 standards:

  • Customer focus
  • Leadership
  • Engagement of people
  • Process approach
  • Improvement
  • Evidence-based decision making
  • Relationship management


BTG Eclepens_Certificate ISO 45001 French

BTG Eclepens Certificate ISO 45001 German

BTG Eclepens Certificate ISO 45001 English

BTG Eclepens Certificate ISO 9001 German

BTG Eclepens Certificate ISO 9001 French

BTG Eclepens Certificate ISO 9001 English

Download BTG Instruments ISO 9001-2015 Eng

Export control compliance

BTG has implemented rigorous process controls on all exports for the purpose of:

  • Preventing exports of dual-use products, i.e. products (documentation, information) for both civilian and military applications, which can be used for the development, production and deployment of weapons of mass destruction.
  • Preventing exports of military products (documentation, information) to countries whose behavior is a threat to international peace and security.
  • Complying with United States (US), European Union (EU), Swiss and various international organizations’ export restrictions (sanctions and embargoes) vis-à-vis specific countries with a view to changing the behavior of these countries.

We assume responsibility for investigating whether specific product exports, technologies or technical assistance are subject to export control regulations. Many nations and regions, including Switzerland, the European Union, and the United States have laws to control the export of strategic products, technology and software.

It is BTG’s express policy to fully comply with all applicable export controls, which are summarized in the BTG Export Controls Compliance Manual. Any BTG employee who knowingly violates such controls or this compliance policy will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action.