Improved blade lifetimes

Are you suffering from outages and downtime due to blade wear?

If you are a flexo printer working in the soft packaging or corrugated business and using white ink (Titanium Dioxide /TiO2), you know that this extremely abrasive ink can destroy a steel blade in only two hours.

In our experience, changing from steel blades to Duroblade-Flexo can help you gain up to 30% more production per shift. And because you can leave the blade in the machine up to 8 -10 times longer, you will also increase your productivity. During this time, your product quality will remain stable–with no outages, waste, or blade changes. As an added benefit, your production will be cleaner thanks to better wiping and less wear of the anilox roll. And there will be no risk of metal slivers in the ink.

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