Consistent printing quality throughout the print run

Are you suffering from quality problems?

Are you suffering from quality problems?

Do you often experience downtime due to out-of-spec products, frequent cylinder cleaning or blade changes?

Call on us to assist you. Our flexo specialists will analyze your needs and suggest a tailor-made solution for your application.

In a difficult market with tough competition from offset, flexo printers need to constantly ensure and increase their print quality. Maintaining your competiveness means checking dot gain and ink density for every coil, throughout the print run. A tool like a densitometer is a must.

With our high-performance, ceramic-tipped Duroblade, your print quality, dot gain and ink density remains stable during the whole blade lifetime.  There are no stops every two hours for blade changes and cleaning.

A quick example:  To maintain quality, you stop every two hours; every stop costs you approximately  €300.00. Imagine running 8 to 10 times longer than that. Not only do you save between €1’800 and 3’000, you can also increase your production by 15% per shift!  Add to that the fact that your production follows your specifications – with no waste, recycling, or cleaning – and it all adds up to substantially better productivity!

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