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BTG is launching the latest Mutek™ charge measurement device
The PCD (Particle Charge Detector) provides valuable information on the charge of colloidal dissolved substances in an aqueous solution. Reliable measurement of charge and insights into how different materials are interacting, enables the optimization of various industrial processes including wet end chemistry in paper making.

BTG introduces the SPM, a key building block for fiber morphology solutions
The BTG Single Point Morphology (SPM-5550) is the newest addition to the BTG portfolio, providing valuable information to better understand fibers. It is an online Morphology analyser, measuring several fiber properties including length, surface, kink and shives content.

BTG celebrates its 100th anniversary
BTG is celebrating 100 years in 2021, marking a century of serving the pulp and paper industry with innovative tools, products and solutions. To commemorate the occasion BTG is launching a marketing campaign re-emphasizing the values that have guided and that will continue to guide the company forward: innovation and customer-focus.

BTG introduces MACSash™, an attractive return on investment solution to optimize paper quality
MACSashTM is an innovative solution that combines model predictive control, innovative measurements and support services. The integrated solution stabilizes ash levels in the wet end of the papermaking process resulting in reduced filler variability in the final sheet. The solution can be implemented in packaging as well as printing and writing applications.

BTG opens a service center near Bangkok to support Thailand and neighboring countries
BTG today announces the opening of a dedicated service center in Chonburi, outside Bangkok, Thailand. The center is housed within the Voith-IHI facility and is strategically located to serve customers in Thailand. This new local service capability is a natural progression as BTG further strengthens its presence in South East Asia.

BTG is providing its insight in TAPPI – Japan
BTG is providing its insight in TAPPI – Japan

Stora Enso has chosen BTG as its long-term partner to improve fiber line process control
Stora Enso has invested over the last two years in a wide range of BTG inline and continuous measurement systems to support control of its hardwood, softwood and fluff lines at the Skutskär mill.

BTG enhances its consistency measurement portfolio
BTG is adding a microwave transmitter to its leading consistency measurement portfolio, a technology previously supplied by Voith Paper. BTG continues to lead the global consistency market and this latest addition “further strengthens our ability to provide the best technologies to support our customers’ needs” says Dan Smith, Global Business Director for BTG’s Process Solutions Business.

BTG has supplied its 200th Single Point Kappa Analyzer
The 200th BTG Single Point Kappa Analyzer (SPK) was supplied to the Oji Group, one of the leading manufacturers of paper and paperboard in the world, headquartered in Japan. Oji was among the early adopters of the SPK, and this latest order for Oji Materia in Japan is a key element in replacing an existing multi-point kappa analyzer system.

BTG introduces SurfMAX™, a solution to deliver significant economic impact and increase sustainability in packaging grades
SurfMAX is an innovative development, combining novel inline instrumentation, surface metering technology, supported by application expertise. Stable starch properties together with an optimized size press operation reduce strength variation leading to significant starch and energy savings.

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